Sher Borrell
Working with Sal was an extraordinary experience.   Sal's passion for GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® shines in his joy and knowledge of sharing, teaching  and guiding the methodology.   Sal is a brilliant instructor as he embodies  the  GYROTONIC®  and GYROKINESIS® concepts in his execution of  the  work. As he gently coaches his students though his verbal imagery and tactile cuing,  students  relax and  are prepared to learn.

Sal  is clear,  precise, engaged, encouraging and a beautiful mover.
Jane Von Bieberstein
As a long qualified GYROKINESIS®  instructor I came to Sal to work  on  the  GYROTONER® to deepen my general understanding.  As  teachers  We  can  always  benefit  learning with other teachers as everyone has a different perspective.  The GYROTONER® is a fantastic piece of equipment. It really helped me to strengthen and increase the flexibility in my upper body. It also helped to strengthen and lengthen my spine in a totally different way than working with the pulley tower.
Evangela Pediaditi
I met Sal during my GYROKINESIS®  certification course. The first impression was more than a nice surprise!
A  person  full  of  energy  and  enthusiasm  was  there  to welcome me, so i felt very anxious about what was coming next. It  was  very  clear  from the  very  first  moment  he  started teaching the course that  he  had  all  the  tools  necessary  and  the  skills  to  make everyone follow his lead!
Katja Vaghi
Sal's  teaching  is  very  thorough and  dedicated.  Not  only  does  he give the  information in  the curriculum but also adds his experience and how  he went about  finding a  way  of teaching.
His advice helped me find my individual  voice  in  teaching. And of course he is extremely positive and  his  attitude  is  contagious. I felt enthusiastic  and  eager  to teach. Also after a week  intensive my body felt supple  and  I  was emotionally centered and ready for action.
Vered Hofton
Working with Sal was:  An  amazing experience Professional non-judgmental attitude. Very dedicated to the GYROKINESIS®  system Friendly  and welcoming. Sal  is  very  experienced  and  dedicated  to  his work,  he  is  a  true mover and he is passionate in what he is doing . Working  with  him  is  an  amazing experience  as  you  get  to  know  what GYROKINESIS®  system  is like . He  gives  lots  of  tips  and movements  experience  and  his  explanations are brilliant.
Alli James
"Thank you Sal for your help,  kindness and encouragement as I embark on my GYROKINESIS® journey. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to do my teacher training with you at Eden Spiral. I couldn't ask for a better mentor, your friendly and calm manner makes you very approachable with whatever queries I have regarding my practice. I truly appreciate the time and effort you have spent with me and I would,  or should I say have, recommended you to friends and colleagues alike.
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‘I couldn't ask for a better mentor…’

‘His advice helped me find my individual  voice  in  teaching.’

‘My  own  practice  and  and  teaching  was  greatly  enriched…’

He can turn your daily training routine into a rejuvenating experience!..."

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